Alpha 7! Third update of the week! PHEW

Version Alpha v7

Another day, another update!  As the title says, this is the third update of the week! Really hoping to get this one in your hands as it includes a ton of gameplay tuning and is hopefully more enjoyable experience. What this means is that by the time you hit the 30 minute mark, you’ll be taking out tons of enemies and your abilities should be pretty well upgraded. I’ve also updated the spawning to be less sporadic to hopefully lead to less pools of enemies.

I’ve adjusted potions and phoenix feathers to drop more frequently throughout the match.

Other adjustments include some polish to item spawning and some minor bug fixes.

Let me know in the comments what level you reached. Did you hit 99? I got pretty close myself…

Have a great weekend!


Fantasy Survivor Alpha 7 - Web Play in browser
Jun 09, 2023
Fantasy Survivor Alpha 7 - Mac 51 MB
Jun 09, 2023 27 MB
Jun 09, 2023 28 MB
Jun 09, 2023

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