Fantasy Survivor officially out of Alpha!

Hello world!

Guillermo here. With this new update, Fantasy Survivor is officially in Beta! Woohoo! However, it is time to move onto the next project. I spent a bit too much time on this project. It was originally a learning project before I moved on to something more complicated, but I got so hooked to learning Godot that I just kept adding features to the game and even refactoring some old code.

Given that, I’m putting Fantasy Survivor development on hold for now while I figure out which project to hop on to next. I’ll either work on another small game or move on to the polished demo phase. If it is a small project, it’ll have to be even smaller than Fantasy Survivor. Follow Azteca Games to stay up to date.

In the meantime, please go play the latest! I would love to hear your thoughts, whether it’s your first time playing the game or you haven’t played it in a while. 

Update Notes

  • Basic weapon attacks

    • New visuals were added to emphasize the basic weapon strikes in an effort to make them feel more powerful.
    • Their animations are also quicker now.
    • Hitboxes were also adjusted to have larger damage areas.
  • Cooldown timers added

    • This was something that I wanted to get in and also came up in feedback a few times. They’ll appear just below each ability in each party member’s UI.
  • Small update to the tiny monster coin counter sizing.
  • Added some visuals to help the potions and other items on the ground stand out so they’re easier to spot when surrounded by enemies.

Bug Fixes

  • Linux builds should be saved properly now. If your tiny monster coin counts are not getting saved after playing, go into your .local/Shared/FantasySurvivor folder and delete your old file, then relaunch the game. This should save properly after doing so.
  • Timers for skills acquired for dead party members will no longer start automatically. They will start up with the other timers when the character is resurrected.
  • Bahamut cooldown timer was off and fixed.

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