Now with controller support! Windows build issues + more!

Controller support has been added. Please test it out and let me know what you think or find in the comments. This is the best way to get feedback to me for the upcoming beta changes.

Unfortunately, the Windows build crashes on scene swapping. I'm disabling the download for now since the browser version will work as intended. Hopefully I can get a fix in for Alpha version 9. I appreciate your patience.

Baking in the oven right now is a re-haul of the meta screen from the original tutorial. There's a sample page from the design doc attached to the dev log.

I hope you're as excited as I am for controller support.

Btw if you want to see updates in real time, I started streaming on my old twitch account. Feel free to stop by! Usually on during normal business days and hours.


Fantasy Survivor Alpha V 8.5 - Mac 51 MB
Jun 22, 2023
Fantasy Survivor Alpha V 8.5 - Linux 28 MB
Jun 22, 2023 Play in browser
Jun 22, 2023

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